Academic Projects

  1. Human and Vehicle Detection and Tracking in Aerial Videos I used Gaussian background subtraction algorithm for moving object detection and tracker initialization. For tracking, I used particle filter.
  2. Entity Ranking Based on Review Comments (Java): Developed an automated product and service rating system based on analyzing the reviews from large datasets. We did query aspect modeling and query expansion in addition to information retrieval method BM25 for better ranking of entities according to user's preference.
  3. Implementation of OSI Layer (Java): All the functionalities of Data link Layer and Network Layer of OSI protocol stack were implemented in this project. Java along with Java COM API was used to implement the layers. Later a small messenger was developed on top of the implemented layers to demonstrate their functionality.
  4. Implementation of Prototype OS (C using gcc): Implemented synchronization primitives (semaphore/ lock and condition variable) on NachOS Instructional OS, and used them to solve IPC problems. In addition, we implemented Virtual Memory with LRU page replacement policy to support multiprogramming in NachOS.
  5. Implementation of Victim cache, Stream Buffer and LRU cache replacement policy (C using gcc): Implemented victim cache, LRU replacement policy and stream buffer to reduce data and instruction cache miss in SimpleScalar simulator and examined the change on performance of the processor towards our benchmarks: ANAGRAM and GCC.
  6. Fight simulator (C++ and OpenGL) This is a flight simulation software developed using C++ and OpenGL as a requirement of computer graphics course. As a part of the project, we had to design the 3D world that contains 3D structures such as airport, runway, buildings, houses etc. We also had to design various fighter planes. We also a had to model the dynamics of a fighter plane considering different types of rotation such as yaw, pitch, and roll, as well as translation.
  7. System analysis and design of Bangladesh T&T board (C# and ASP.NET) In the system analysis part we used state of the art system analysis tools such as requirement analysis, use case diagram, sequence diagram, class diagram, etc. In the system design phase, we used state of the art model-view-controller and ASP.NET for software implementation.
  8. Prepaid Gas Meter (Hardware implementation, C#, and MySQL) This is a hardware implementation of prepaid gas meter for household gas distribution, developed as a requirement of computer interfacing course project.
  9. 4-bit Computer (Hardware implementation)